Cross Border Retirement Planning

Vie International provides specialist pension advice for high and ultra-high net worth US taxpayers with UK and US domestic pension plans, clients who have acquired offshore pension plans or movers between the UK and US and other international destinations.

With access to pensions and investment platforms in the UK, US and offshore jurisdictions, Vie International has decades of experience of structuring cross-border retirement solutions. Whether a US taxpayer has acquired a non-US pension plan or a non-US tax payer intends to become resident in the US, we have the in-depth knowledge, skills and experience to work through complex financial planning issues for international pension planning.

Our investment advisors are uniquely qualified, authorised and regulated in the UK. They are also registered with FINRA and the SEC in the US to provide securities through M Holdings Securities.

Plans are designed for tax efficiency with the ability to build an investment portfolio in the currency of the country where the retirement income is needed. This allows the client to address any currency risk issues. In some cases, pensions can be moved to alternative jurisdictions to mitigate other risks, such as tax or political risks. In the UK, consideration of the Life Time Allowance and taper relief applied to the Annual Allowance has changed the size and effectiveness of tax efficient pension savings. At Vie International, we are well placed to advise clients on the complexities of the rapidly changing pensions market

For non-US taxpayers who are planning to become US taxpayer residents, Vie International can assist their pension trustees to restructure pension plans from non-US treaty countries, so the plan continues to provide tax deferral while the pension member is resident in the US. Once an individual has become resident in the US, options become far more limited; it is crucial to begin financial planning as soon as an international move is planned.

Countries with double tax treaties with the US can provide US taxpayers with attractive treaty benefits. Vie International’s pension advisors can assist clients with determining the suitability of moving a pension plan to a US treaty country. We can also work with clients’ tax advisors and lawyers to ensure the most suitable pension jurisdictions and providers are selected.