Private Placement Life Insurance or Annuities

Private Placement Life Insurance [PPLI] and Private Placement Variable Annuities [PPVA] are offshore insurance solutions that are investment driven. Suitable for high net worth and ultra- high net worth individuals, private placement provides tax and investment management benefits.

Vie International has been a leader in the international private placement life insurance market for over a decade and has used private placement solutions for clients as part of pre-immigration planning to the US and the UK for trust, investment, tax and asset protection purposes.

Vie International designs and implements offshore private placement insurance products to solve a number of complex planning strategies for both US and non-US connected clients. We work closely with tax advisors, trustees and investment managers of the ultra affluent to manage accumulation problems for Non-Grantor Trusts with US beneficiaries and to re-position investment portfolios for those who plan to move or immigrate permanently to the US and other international jurisdictions.

US PPLI and PPVA are compliant insurance products, offered to ‘qualified purchasers’ and ‘accredited investors’ under SEC guidelines. Private placement policies are non-retail and are offered by specialist offshore and onshore US providers. Lower set-up and ongoing costs allow the policy to potentially perform better than its retail counterparts.

Vie International advises on the set-up and ongoing requirements to ensure that private placement solutions are structured and managed to meet the Investor Control Doctrine, the diversification rules under the Internal Revenue Code s 817(H) and other technical requirements for this advanced US financial planning solution.

Private Placement solutions offer an attractive planning strategy for:

  • Tax deferral of income and gains
  • Tax efficient withdrawal of income and
  • Income tax-free death benefits
  • UNI and DNI planning for trusts
  • PFIC planning
  • Simplification of tax reporting
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Pre-immigration planning
  • Tax compliant solutions
  • Retirement planning
  • Succession planning
  • Business planning
  • Executive benefit planning
  • Globally mobile families
  • Globally mobile executives
  • International families with US heirs/beneficiaries
  • Political uncertainty planning
  • Asset protection
  • Family investment company alternatives
  • Charitable giving