US and UK Investment Portfolios

Vie International provides investment management and advice for high net worth individuals with cross border planning needs and US taxpayers.

With access to pension and investment platforms in the UK, US and offshore jurisdictions, Vie International has decades of experience of structuring investment portfolios for clients with global interests.

Our investment advisors research, design and manage investment portfolios based on risk tolerance and currency choice. Dedicated regular and ongoing personal service is given to clients in order to help ensure portfolio design and performance continues to meet expectations.

Our investment advisors are uniquely qualified in the UK, and registered with FINRA and the SEC in the US to offer securities through M Holdings Securities.

In order to advise clients with cross-border needs, we take great care to understand the client’s tax position in combination with their risk tolerance. This allows us to research the market thoroughly, recommending portfolios that deliver the most tax-efficient results as possible, without subjecting clients to unnecessary tax penalties for holding non-reporting collective instruments.

If US taxpayers do choose a non-US discretionary fund manager to design a portfolio that holds tax-inefficient funds, a US insurance ‘wrapper’ for these assets offers a tax deferral solution. The design of the US insurance wrapper allows some clients to withdraw capital first then make loans against the investment gains, without triggering a taxable event on the portfolio distribution.