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Serving the financial goals
of our international clients

Wealth Planning

At Vie International, we have a team of advisors that are specially qualified in the US and UK to offer investment advice for domestic and cross-border global clients. We have access to advisory platforms in both the US and UK as well as third party discretionary fund managers who can customise portfolios in multiple currencies with a global perspective. Investment portfolios are chosen for clients based on a careful review of their risk profile, taking account of potential market volatility to match the client with the right portfolio.

In order to advise clients with cross-border needs, we take great care in understanding the tax position of the client as well as their risk profile. This allows us to research the market thoroughly to recommend portfolios that deliver the most tax-efficient results, without subjecting clients to unnecessary tax penalties for holding non-reporting collective investments. All portfolios will provide reporting and administration which will allow the client’s tax advisors to accurately complete tax returns in both the US and UK, as well as determining account values for annual reporting for US taxpayers.

Some US taxpayers may wish to have a non-US discretionary fund manager design a portfolio which holds tax-inefficient funds. For these clients, having the portfolio assets held within a US insurance “wrapper” can turn a tax-inefficient portfolio into one that defers taxation indefinitely. If the insurance “wrapper” is designed correctly, it will allow some clients to withdraw capital first and make loans on investment gains without triggering a taxable event on distribution of the portfolio.