Established 2003, Vie International celebrates 20 years serving hundreds of international families from London

When Vie International was established in 2003 by Grayson Dufrene, inspiration for the company name was taken from the French for life, “la vie”, underpinning the primary solution of life insurance to benefit a person’s dependents. Vie remains true to its core beliefs that financial planning preserves assets and provides transparency, control and reliability for future generations to benefit beyond the lifetime of our many hundreds of clients. Vie International’s financial solutions have since expanded to offer international investment, executive benefit and retirement planning, provided in respect of the personal or corporate needs of our international clientele.

Our central London and international presence have allowed the nurturing of a network of respected professionals with whom we work to deliver world class services and provide personalised financial solutions for our high and ultra-high net worth clients. Vie remains proactive in order to understand frequent UK, US and international financial, legal and political changes that may affect our clients, and their planning needs. Our team has personal connections internationally, which brings a holistic, global perspective to our work.

Vie International’s natural connections with the US have been developed so that our UK company is licensed to trade across many US states. We have access to the US’s superior, established life insurance market, bringing cost benefits of up to 41% to our clients, as well as sophisticated underwriting from some of the most highly rated insurance carriers in the US. We have access to both UK and US investment platforms to create cross border solutions for the globally mobile.

Vie International remains independently owned and operated.