High Value Life Insurance to settle inheritance tax and enhance estate planning

Both individuals and organisations can benefit from financial cover through the implementation of life insurance policies. Such policies pay out to beneficiaries at the insured’s death in order to settle inheritance taxes and provide family survivor benefits. Succession planning and business coverage can be enhanced through the use of Key Person insurance, Relevant Life Cover, Shareholder Protection or Buy and Sell Agreements.

For high and ultra-high net worth international families and organisations, asset accumulation often occurs across multiple countries. Based in London, Vie International provides an independent view of the global life insurance marketplace, with its unique access to US, UK and offshore markets. The firm efficiently and flexibly sources life insurance to meet the planning needs of global families with multi-jurisdictional estates. As life insurance companies take varying perspectives on specific medical, financial and insurable interests, our advisors are highly experienced at navigating through insurers and jurisdictions in order to match the most suitable and compliant policies to each client’s circumstances.

Recent tax changes for non-domiciled UK residents (for at least 15 out of the last 20 years) may lead to UK taxation, such as inheritance tax, on a global level. Insurance related UK tax changes can also affect corporately owned UK residential property (for the purpose of avoiding inheritance taxes in the UK) and returning UK-domiciled individuals.

Vie International has the ability to provide both resident and non-resident US citizens and green card holders with US-compliant solutions and policies. We have decades of US UK cross-border experience and have many hundreds of clients whose families benefit from our financial planning solutions both now and beyond our clients’ lifetimes. Our financial planning strategies may be extended to international clients who travel to the US and have a US nexus. We often find that US insurance companies can offer a more favourable alternative to domestic markets, through attractive pricing, underwriting and policy features.